Monday, November 12, 2007

Police crack down on speeding motorcyclists

HER IT S A 12 MILE WINDY ROAD PACKED WITH PLENTY OF SCENIC VIEWS BUT ON THE WEEKENDS PEOPLE SAY THE ROAD TO THE TOP OF THE SANDIAS LOOKS MORE LIKE A MOTORCYCLE RACE TRACK TODAY GADI SCHWARTZ LOOKED INTO THE PROBLEM- AND CAUGHT A LOT OF DANGEROUS DRIVING UP AND DOWN THE MOUNTAIN PASSING IN A DOUBLE YELLOW- RIGHT INTO A BLIND CURB- DEPUTIES PATROLLING CREST ROAD SAY IT S A GAME OF CAT AND MOUSE EVERY WEEKEND and as you can tell from the ones that just passed you that we were unable to catch they travel at a high rate of speed very unsafe DEPUTIES TOLD US THEY VE GIVEN OUT 8 TICKETS TO SPEEDING MOTORCYCLISTS SO FAR 1 52 they look like they are trying to be professional races on the motor cycle circuit and its very dangerous to everyone all the people up here for sunday drives and themselves JUST UP THE ROAD WE TALKED TO SOME BIKERS WHO TELL US THEY DON T COME OUT TO SPEED BUT ADMIT THATS WHAT THEY RE BIKES ARE DESIGNED TO DO - ESPECIALLY THOSE WITH MIRRORS RIGGED UP TO RADAR DETECTORS 15 13- the motorcycles they can go a little bit faster they are high performance machines and they are able to react quicker to a given situation- you can go quickly up here and still be safe THIS MOTORCYCLIST THINKS THERE SHOULD BE DIFFERENT SPEED LIMITS FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE MOTORCYCLES WHICH HANDLE BETTER THAN BIG TRUCKS OR SEMI S 17 42 i think it s a little unreasonable that the speed limit and the enforcement is not based on class or based on type BUT AT THE TOP OF CREST ONE MOTHER TELLS US MOTORCYCLES MAKE A SCENIC DRIVE- NERVE-RACKING 24 47 they think they are invisible and its going to catch up with them and i hope they wise up before they get hurt DEPUTIES SAY MOST WEEKENDS THEY WRITE AS MANY AS 20 TICKETS TO PEOPLE SPEEDING

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