Saturday, June 13, 2015

Women Riders Have Come A Long Way with Harley-Davidson

Darden Reinowski

Today I found my Harley-Davidson t-shirt from the 2008 Women's Ride packed away with my summer clothing. This brought to mind the fun adventure with Karen Davidson and all the amazing women who rode from Atlanta to Daytona for Get Down to Daytona (I wrote about it HERE).

Wow, women riders have really come a long way since the early days of riding!

Harley-Davidson is still helping women get into riding with their interactive tools for choosing the right motorcycle, classes at dealers for actually learning to ride (hands-on!), and through Garage Parties where women can talk to other women and get comfortable with the riding lifestyle. Women can attend a Garage Party at a local dealership to learn tips and tricks for riding a Harley, be introduced to the gear, and get on a bike that's the right fit for them.

Since my experience in 2008, I noticed that Karen Davidson has taken the fashion line to new levels, moving from t-shirts like mine to leisure wear and riding clothing that is less bulky and more flattering for women riders.

Mark Hinchliffe at interviewed Karen Davidson who said that "modern technical fabrics that are thinner are allowing Harley and other bike brands to make more flattering clothes for women." Harley-Davidson has gone beyond just jackets and t-shirts in their women's fashion line with everything from glasses and protective eyewear to gloves and boots to dresses and even sleepwear! Still, I love the classic look of a leather motorcycle jacket, especially the retro look of the Miss Enthusiast Functional Jacket that features the vintage look of the original Harley-Davidson men's racing crews but fitted for a woman like me.

Harley-Davidson retro women's fashion
Women's Vintage Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Jacket

You can view the entire Harley-Davidson women's fashion line here.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Pancho Villa's Indian Motorcycle

Pancho Villa's Indian Motorcycle
Pancho Villa's Indian Motorcycle

One of the cooler accounts of this photo can be found HERE where Julia Chappel notes her Grandfather there on the left!

"The motorcycle featured in the historic photo is a Hendee Special, an elite Indian model that featured the first electric starter used on a production motorcycle."

The closest video we could find was actually from a Sergio Leone movie called "Duck You Sucker" or "Fistful of Dynamite" and "Fist Full of Leone" enthusiast "Shorty" notes the the model ridden by Sean the explosives expert is riding an "Indian Powerplus" - It's a fun movie and if you haven't seen it here's a clip:

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Harley Davidson's Electric Motorcycle -

Harley Davidson's Electric Motorcycle 2014

The Promo Video for Project LiveWire is Pretty Cool:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Pope's Motorcycle is for Sale!

The Harley Davidson motorcycle was a gift and will be sold at auction with bids starting at $15,000!

Friday, June 13, 2008

R.O.T. rally roars into Austin

The rev of motorcycles could be heard from miles away Thursday as thousands of bikers from across the country arrived for the annual Republic of Texas Biker rally

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sick Of Gas Prices? Go 2 Wheels Instead Of 4

TV5 146 s Jay Brandow shows us how locals are beating high gas prices by switching to motorcycles and scooters