Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bikers Ride For New Wheelchairs

You and I spend so much time traveling on wheels whether it be our car bicycles or motorcycles But there are a handful of residents in Bismarck that are without adequate wheels And that was the reason behind a charity bike ride this afternoon Bismarck s Baptist Home is home to about 150 residents But the long-term care facility doen t have adequate wheelchairs for everyone In fact some of the parts that need to be replaced on some of the chairs are so old they can t even be ordered anymore And so today beginning at the Baptist Home bikers from the area gathered to ride in hopes of raising money to purchase new chairs Jay Jay Bird Toepke Rider This is what bikers like to do We rally for good causes and donate go for rides fellowship Just have a good time Pam Trieb Human Resources Dir Baptist Home We re asking for a donation of 5 00 a rider today so we re planning and hoping for having at least a hundred riders So if we can get a start of 500 or so dollars that would be great The Baptist Home would like to purchase 59 chairs to begin with It s going to cost them 18-thousand dollars Through donations and other fundraisers planned they hope to raise all the money Today s bikers rode up to Washburn

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